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Does this sound like you?

You’ve already taken the IELTS once, twice, or maybe even thrice.

You feel like you’ve already wasted hundreds of dollars on re-attempts and re-markings.

You’ve tried teachers and tutors but have been disappointed.

Your time is running out due to age, and your birthday each year is a miserable event instead of being a happy one since you lose points on the CRS each year.

You’re stuck in an unhappy, unfulfilling job with zero work-life balance.

You’re stuck in a country where you’re miserable due to a lack of opportunities for your and your family’s welfare.

Your need to emigrate to Canada or Australia.

You have been trying to pass the IELTS with an 8777 for a few months to a few years now.

You’ve tried self-studying and bought the Cambridge IELTS books, bought practice tests, or tried dozens on free online ones.

You’ve carefully subscribed to dozens of IELTS channels on YouTube.

You’ve tried to follow hundreds of YouTube tutorials but still didn’t manage to get an 8777.

You’re only growing more confused as to what to do because a dozen YouTube teachers tell you a dozen different things.

You’ve done $5 workshops, WhatsApp courses and webinars with no improvement.

You’ve got a family that depend on you looking after their well-being and ensuring their best interest.

You’ve tried to study with a friend, and although their methods worked for them, they did not work for you.

You’ve joined dozens of Facebook groups for help and advice but every commenter tells you a different thing.

You feel clueless about what to do, where to begin, whom to trust, so you just delay things even more out of frustration.

If you answered 'yes' to more than five of those...

Screenshot (1204)

...I want you to look at these smiling faces.

These are just a few of my successful students, but you know what the most important thing is? I saw them frown before I saw them smile.

They struggled.
Just like you are struggling.
They had dreams, goals, hopes, aspirations, all resting on their ability to immigrate.

The IELTS can truly make or break lives. Getting the score you need can be the difference between truly living life and merely existing.

I would know. I've been helping people through this journey for 8 years now, with my previous venture, 8777IELTS.

I want you to imagine yourself in the place of these people. Some day, it'll be you who'll be smiling, happy, and relieved. Some day, you won't ever have to think about the IELTS anymore and will instead be enjoying quality time with your friends and family in a country that values your skills, rewards your hard work, recognises your worth, and uplifts your soul.

One day, your struggle will be the success story that you'll proudly tell others about.

That day isn't far. Not if you pass the IELTS.

You've struggled enough. Now it's time to relax and let a specialist take care of you.

Want to plan your success story with me? I want to help 6 more students this month. Will you be next? Book a free consultation with me:

What is the SureScore System?

The SureScore System for IELTS-General was created by me over a period of 8 years. It is a premium, live teaching course that that combines all of my experiences with my previous students, research on the IELTS, along with inputs from IELTS examiners, to form an unbeatable, unsurpassed training system to ensure that you understand, in great detail, every single aspect of every module of the IELTS. This system, however, is extremely rigorous, and frankly, not suited for everyone. If you’re not ready to invest at least 60-90 minutes of your time each day, the SureScore System is not the right one for you.