Can CELPIP be taken online?

The CELPIP test is entirely computer-based, which means the test can only be taken online AND in-person at a registered CELPIP test center. All components of this test are delivered by computer. The total amount of time required to take the CELPIP general test is approximately three hours and is done in one sitting. This time includes the question, answer and transition times, so there is no extra time provided for any other tasks.

If you’ve ever taken either the TOEFL or the CD-IELTS tests you should find the CELPIP quite similar. Keep in mind that you will hear others typing during the Writing test and you will also hear other speak during the Speaking test, just like on the TOEFL, which may be distracting if you’re not used to it. Practice working on a computer as much as you can in a place like a café or busy area so you can familiarise yourself with the sounds of other people around you while you work. After a while, you will get used to it!

The CELPIP Writing section is shorter than the IELTS Writing section and requires less time. On the other hand, the Listening and Speaking sections may take slightly more time than the IELTS. While taking the test, the time allotted to each section is as follows.

Listening – Listen to passages and answer questions. (47–55 minutes).

Reading – Read passages and answer questions. (55–60 minutes).

Writing – Respond to questions with written answers. (53–60 minutes).

Speaking – Reply to on-screen prompts verbally. (15–20 minutes).

Since this test is done entirely on a computer, it is easy to keep track of time and check how much time is left for each of the task sections.