How long are CELPIP results valid?

People often wonder about the validity of their CELPIP results. Institutes have their own subjective policies and protocols, which determine the length of time that your scores are considered valid. You can obtain this information from the institutions where you wish to apply.

Most language test results, such the IELTS, PTE, OET, CELPIP and even Duolingo, are only valid for 2 years. Thus, it is your responsibility to ensure that your scores do not expire while you’re in the Express Entry pool. If your test results are soon to expire, it’s best to re-take the exam. Be sure to upload your new results as soon as you can. This is because the EE system will auto-reject any profiles whose results are no longer valid. Of course you’ll be notified of this, but by then it’ll be too late since you’ll have to create a whole new profile and essentially start from scratch. But think of this in positive terms: this should give you the opportunity to be able to improve your scores! The best way to ensure a great result to avoid not making the CRS cut-off is to get specialist help.

Here’s a great example from David Aujla, an immigration lawyer: “If a candidate receives an Invitation to apply (ITA) on September 1st and his Language Test Results expire on September 2nd, the candidate should only submit his application for Permanent Residence (APR) if he has new Language test results. If the candidate is unable to receive new results within the 60 days period to submit his APR, then candidate should decline the invitation.  If candidate submits his APR with expired results, the APR will be rejected as incomplete”