How To Check CELPIP Results?

The most anticipated part after the CELPIP test is the results of how well you have scored. Sometimes test-takers are confused about where to check their results online. 

Well, you don’t have to worry in this case. In 4-5 calendar days after their exam date, test takers can view their CELPIP Test scores online through their CELPIP Account.

1. Once your results are available, you will receive an email message.

2. Once the scores have been posted, you will be able to obtain your CELPIP Official Score Report as a PDF.

3. For a period of two years after your test date, you can access and examine your CELPIP Test results online in your CELPIP Account.

Additional score options include:

Hardcopy Official Score Report

1. A hardcopy Official Score Report can be ordered for a fee of $20.00 CAD each through your CELPIP Account. 

2. Within two years of the exam date, a hardcopy official score report can be requested.

3. The amount of time that your scores are regarded as legitimate by other institutions, on the other hand, is decided by their regulations. These institutions can provide you with this information. 

4. A print copy of your CELPIP Official Score Report will be provided to your registered address via Canada Post’s standard delivery service once you have requested it.

5. For an extra cost, Priority Shipping is offered, and a tracking number will be provided.

Priority Shipping

A fee is charged for expedited mailing of the hardcopy Official Score Report. Prices may differ based on your location.

Within six months of the test date, you can request a re-evaluation of some or all of the components of your CELPIP-General Test.