How does CELPIP work?

CELPIP is one of the tests used in Canada to prove English proficiency, similar to the IELTS Exam. How do you decide which test to take? 

CELPIP or Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, is one of the exams used to certify English language competency. It’s used to apply for jobs in Canada or to immigrate to the country.

Format of the examination

The test evaluates your ability to listen, understand, and interpret texts, as well as your writing and speaking abilities. The test lasts 3 hours in total. Without taking a pause, all modules are finished on the same day.

The Content

The CELPIP exam is written in Canadian English, with a Canadian accent and script. The test correction process, on the other hand, takes into account English dialects and spelling from other locations. During the test, the system repeats some tasks and they appear in other themes and questions, invalidating one of the tasks in each module (it is nearly impossible to predict which one would be “unscored”). Hence, for example, even if you know that there are 4 tasks in the Reading section, you will have to complete all 5 on the day of the test. 


Writing – Based on the conditions, there are two writing tasks. In addition to automatic word counting, the computer has spell check.

Reading – There are four sessions with texts that cover a variety of topics but are all based on common scenarios.

Listening – There is a short time after the audio ends for the answers to be filled in during the listening part, where the questions alternate.


With previous appointment and payment, CELPIP can be completed in person in Canada, the United Arab Emirates, China, the Philippines, India, and the United States.