Can I take the CELPIP from India?

To answer this question, yes, you can take the CELPIP Test from India. This was not possible until 15th September 2018. The first official CELPIP Test Centre in India was ‘India2Canada’ in Chandigarh, giving more individuals pursuing immigration to Canada an additional option when proving English language ability. However, In India, candidates can appear only for the CELPIP-General Test, which can now be given at three locations throughout India: Chandigarh, Delhi, and Ahmedabad. The CELPIP General Test is conducted various times throughout the year. This allows you to select and register a date and time according to your nearest location. It also allows the convenience of time for the respective candidates. 

If you are an Indian who is looking to settle as a permanent resident through an economic Canadian immigration program, you may soon consider taking the CELPIP General test, which is a part of the Canadian immigration process. Taking the CELPIP test in India may allow you to obtain more points and improve your chances of becoming a potential candidate or immigrant for the program you are being considered for. Moreover, it may save you money by reducing the incentive to travel further to sit the test, as it will be available more locally.

Canada is attractive as an immigration destination among Indian nationals. With a growing, educated Indian middle class and immigration systems in alternative destinations such as the United States and the United Kingdom becoming more difficult to navigate, this alternative has come up as a new opportunity for the Indian citizens.