Can I reschedule CELPIP Test?

Sometimes, it may so happen that you may not be able to take the test on the registered date due to some issues. In such cases, you might want to cancel your test date and reschedule it to a date that is feasible for you. Is it possible to cancel the exam date or reschedule it to another date after the booking is done?   Well, the answer is yes!

You can change the test date by following specific procedures. One can request a cancellation of registration through the CELPIP account.  The candidate must request the change at least 9 calendar days before the test session. After this is done, Paragon will grant your request for cancellation and you will be refunded 50% of your registration fee. Although, if Paragon receives your request less than 9 calendar days before the test date, the cancellation request will be granted but the candidate will not receive any refund of the fee that he/she has paid for canceled test session registration. 

In line with this, for rescheduling or transferring the date, if the candidate requests or informs at least 9 days prior to the test date, charges implied would be $50.00 CAD exclusive of taxes. In case of some medical issues or emergencies, if the candidate provides proper documentation, the candidate can get the transfer for an even lesser amount. One should note that the ultimate decision to grant any requests, transfer of exams and refund, lies completely in the hands of Paragon enterprises.